The nice things they say...


Adele House

“My only complaint is that I can’t have them all to myself!”

Before C3 Group, we experienced data loss, continuous email issues, and our IT infrastructure was insufficient for our business, but we managed to make do (just). Like a lot of other larger companies, we tried having an internal IT Manager, but when they left, we had to re-learn everything and had to try and workout all of the internal and external passwords etc. Needless to say, we didn’t realise how simple IT could be until we partnered with C3 Group – their recommendations always suit our business, and they’re always accommodating and willing to help.

Projects are always a stand out. We recently expanded, and C3 Group kept us informed throughout the project of setting up a new site for us. They communicated well with all builders and other trades people involved, and were able to accommodate our many and varied needs. If I was talking to anyone considering bringing C3 on, I would remind them that when looking at the price, remember that not only do you get the support, but also the reliability and peace of mind – it’s well worth it.

Matt Miller, Operations Manager at Adele House


Beach Street Family Practice

“I often think of how much easier my job would have been if I had partnered with C3 Group sooner.”

Our last IT Provider was frustrating to deal with – we had phone calls and emails unanswered, and when they were answered, the response time was always slow. C3 Group made the process of switching providers effortless. Now, everyday issues in the practice are dealt with quickly and often immediately. In the world of general practice, for doctors, staff and patients, this is a top priority. Last year, we moved the entire practice in a weekend. I was so impressed with the team; they worked quickly, without fuss, AND we were ready to open the doors on Monday morning without any hitches!

Lee Hayes, Practice Manager at Beach Street Medical Practice 


Bachrach Namburger Group

The Bachrach Naumburger Group of Companies has had a positive relationship with C3 Group for over a decade. They have greatly assisted the growth of our business which spans 3 states and multiple offices.  I am always very confident that the IT advice and assistance we get from C3 Group is of the highest quality.

Steve Gooley, Bachrach Naumburger Group


Choices Flooring Coffs Harbour

“C3 allows us to continue to operate day-to-day.”

Trust us when we say that to go alone does not work! Before C3 Group, we tried it – and we experienced software glitches and server network issues. Now that we’re partnered with an outsourced Managed Serviced Provider, we have no unsolved issues and the service is prompt. C3 Group is professional, polite and delivers timely responsive service. The team is always positive, a good reflection of a good business and management.

Shirley Franzi, Admin & Accounts at Choices Flooring Coffs Harbour


East Coast Cabinets

“There are other IT Companies??? Not in my world! I, like a lot of users, know enough to get into trouble, but not enough to get out. Now, the solution is only a phone call away!”

We partnered with C3 Group back when desktop computers were a new contraption that replaced the electric typewriter. In those days, we could save whatever we put in, but hitting the wrong button could mean losing everything! John Hood was there to help us from the very beginning – that’s right, all the way back when C3 Group was John Hood working from his garage!

Two decades (plus) on, and they’re still as helpful as ever. Whenever I have a problem, I just call them and they fix it – simple as that. Everyone should have C3 Group looking after their business. They make life so easy and treat me with great patience and respect. They have wonderful service. I really appreciate all they do for us.

Deb Farquhar, Owner of East Coast Cabinets

Back in the days of MSDOs, there were few people who could help with the problems of software. Thankfully, John Hood had just started up in his garage, and was there to help us. Having a managed service is wonderful because we don’t have to worry about the ‘let’s try this,’ and when that doesn’t work, being racked up for another service call. When we’re absolutely desperate, C3 Group are there to get us back up and running again. It’s also comforting know that when all around us are being attacked and hacked, we’re receiving the best protection we can afford.

In the 20+ years we’ve been partnered with them, I haven’t come across a single bad thing. Having been with C3 Group from their inception, we’ve seen them grow, attracting the right people and constantly introducing the latest technologies. Their service is great, and advice, always beneficial.

Peter Farquhar, Owner of East Coast Cabinets


FM Glenn

“C3 Group delivers results in the toughest situations.”

We were one of C3 Group’s first clients, and in our experience, their ability to resolve problems easily and in a good time frame are their best attributes – these give us the confidence to know that we are backed by a high quality IT company. We’re always extremely happy with the service provided by the C3 team, and applaud their backup systems. Their hardware & software recommendations are always spot on too. In the time we’ve been with them, they’ve got us out of some pretty big predicaments – one that sticks in my mind, was when we were in the end stages of a major construction tender valued at $20m, when we were hit with a new ransomware virus through our emails – everything was put on hold, and we honestly thought we would lose everything, including the ability to close the tender deal we were working on. C3 Group came to the rescue and worked around the clock (literally throughout the night) to have us back up and running in less than 24 hours. We were able to close our tender and win the project! Thanks again C3, you more than proved your capabilities when put under pressure in a tough situation.

Craig Spencer, Owner of FM Glenn


Integrity New Homes

Integrity New Homes have had a long standing relationship with C3 Group who recently assisted us with designing & implementing a Cloud Computing solution for our company’s email & compliance archiving requirements. C3 Group assisted us with in depth knowledge of Cloud Solutions right from the first consultation, all the way through to a successfully completed end solution with minimal disruption to staff.

Tim Martin, Integrity New Homes


Mid North Coast Physiotherapy

“IT is no longer a burden to our business, it’s an enabler.”

Like a lot of smaller businesses, I tried self managing most of the IT issues, which was time consuming, inefficient and often ineffective. It was taking me away from the most productive and important tasks which was a real drain on my business. Partnering with C3 Group has allowed us to leverage the outstanding value they provide, to take our organisation to the next level.

Their solutions have helped us move from procedures that were inefficient and expensive, to solutions that allowed for greater ease of use, better productivity, and time & money saved. They have fast response times, friendly service and a streamlined approach to getting things done. I would definitely recommend them.

Aaron Hardaker, Owner & Principal Physiotherapist at Mid North Coast Physio


North Coast Hotel Group

“We love having experts we can call to resolve issues in real time!”

We had previously tried to keep IT in-house, however our expansion dictated that we needed some help from experts. Prior to our partnership with C3, we really did have too many problems to list, I wish we had of joined forces with them sooner. The fact that we have an experienced team ready to support us is invaluable. I would certainly recommend partnering with C3 Group.

Harry Barry, Director of North Coast Hotel Group


Toormina Medical Centre

The Toormina and Sawtell Medical Centres have been clients of C3 Group since 2014.

Our IT systems have improved significantly since utilising their professional service. Having our two practices running remotely is extremely efficient and any issues or concerns that we have are dealt with promptly, with their remote access enabling an immediate response.

The service we receive from C3 Group on a daily basis has been superb; their professionalism, friendliness and customer support is excellent.

Leanne Ward, Practice Manager Toormina Medical Centre


Webbs Petroleum

Being in an industry that requires up-to-date information and networking solutions, C3 Group have always delivered. From the smallest issues to large installs, C3 Group address all of our problems in a prompt, professional manner, and we never had a problem in the 7 years of being a client. They are truly a great investment for our business IT solutions and would recommend them to anyone.

Jason Webb, Webbs Petroleum


Black Brick Constructions

“Very happy to leave it all up to C3 Group!”

Before C3 Group, we were struggling to stay up to date with our technology needs. We knew that if we had a major malfunction, we would be in trouble and would have to spend considerable time and money to get back on track. We were using a mobile computer guy, but he was always too busy to catch up with us. Since partnering with C3 Group, we don’t have to worry about IT, keeping up with new technology, risks associated with using the internet, and even the most basic things are only a phone call away, with a quick answer.

A stand out project we had with C3 Group recently was when we changed business locations, which included a change in our internal business structure. We had to go through the process of copying the data base, reducing access for staff, and then of course, the actual move. Everything went smoothly and the communication was fantastic. Soon after that we were forced by Telstra to switch to NBN, which left us without internet for nearly 8 weeks. C3 Group saved us; they were able to come up with a solution that allowed us to continue work as usual, with minimal business interruptions.

I would highly recommend using a provider such as C3 Group, as it allows for business managers and employees to focus on their business. We can do what we do best, and C3 can do what they do best! We’re not in the computer business, so we don’t want to spend our time managing these types of issues – we just don’t know how to. I have peace of mind that if we have a major hardware failure, our data is protected and there is minimal time needed to get us back working again. We’ve been with C3 for years and continually see their level of service and range of products increase.

Karla Hobley, Owner of Black Brick Constructions


Advanced Metal Industries Australia

“They keep us competitive!”

Something we really like about C3 Group is the fact that they’re constantly looking to improve our systems, and they’re up to date with the newest and latest concepts. Their service with day-to-day issues is great, and staff are always friendly. We’d definitely recommend them to other businesses.

Rick Hall, Managing Director at AMIA


Bruce & Neryl Graham Accountants

“The brilliant response time and positive attitude of the support crew is fantastic!”

We’ve been partnered with the C3 Team since the very beginning. When you jump on board with C3, you can’t go wrong. After all my time with them, there’s nothing I have to complain about. They’re a friendly bunch, who handle our IT with care, and ensure everything just works.

Bruce Graham, Owner of Bruce & Neryl Graham Accountants


East Coast Accessibility Experts

“C3 is awesome!”

Our previous provider lacked knowledge and their support was poor. Since we moved to C3 Group, we’ve experienced nothing but excellent response times & service. We would definitely recommend C3 Group to other businesses. Our experience has always been positive and solution focused! Definitely a great change from the inexperienced IT workers we came from.

Shalla Thomas, Manager / CEO at East Coast Accessibility Experts


Enterprise & Training Company (ETC)

“There’s nothing like dealing with local experts!”

Before partnering with C3 Group, we were struggling with outdated onsite servers. We had tried partnering with larger commercial companies to help with this, but now being partnered with C3 Group, there’s just no comparison. Our most valued aspect of the partnership is the local experts C3 Group have available to help us whenever we need it. We would recommend them to other businesses just based on the local, experienced staff alone – they’re great!

Chris Rainger, IT Manager at ETC


Erskine Oral Care

“C3 Group are on top of their game with ensuring virus/malware is captured before it hits a users desktop.”

We’re not overly ‘tech savvy’ here, so I can’t imagine how difficult it would have been to manage a server and over 30 workstations and laptops ourselves. On top of that, there’s the data backups and ever-worrying increase in cybercrime that has to be managed. C3 Group is completely on top of it. They keep everything up to date for us, and are very responsive to everyday enquiries – all traits that are important to our company.

Their staff are always great to deal with too. They provide excellent customer service throughout all areas of their organisation. Their Service Desk staff and technicians are very knowledgeable, up to date with technology and always happy to help us. Whenever we’ve had any kind of dealings with them, everything has always been delivered on promised dates and works without issue. They’ve also helped us liaise with third party suppliers to resolve issues we were having – it’s those little extras that C3 Group does that we really appreciate.

Matt Macer, Operations Manager at Erskine Oral Care


HQB Accountants Auditors Advisors

HQB engaged C3 Group to be our IT Managed Services Provider in May 2011. Previous to that, we had an in-house IT staff member and used C3 Group for ad-hoc level 3 support and project work. I have been exceptionally pleased with the support and service standards that C3 Group have delivered to HQB in the last 12 months. Their ability, being a remote service provider, to keep our systems fully operational has exceeded my expectations.

Ian Hogbin, HQB Accountants Auditors Advisors



“C3 Group’s work stands the test of time.”

When we used to have IT Issues, we tried to invest time into resolving them using our own staff, but with our focus being on our core business, we simply couldn’t apply enough time to resolve the issues ourselves, so we partnered with C3 Group. It’s great having confidence that the right people are doing the job, and the end result will suit our needs.

A major problem C3 Group helped us with was our phone systems. We were struggling with a lack of time and expertise in this area, and as a result, our clients were experiencing constant dropouts, and poor quality calls. This is no longer an issue – one of our most valued attributes of C3 Group is they always recommend what you actually need to get the outcome you’re hoping for.

We would highly recommend them. Partnering with an ICT Provider allows our staff to focus on what’s important to our business. Love your work C3!

Kyle Winters – IT Manager at Janison


Lifetime Connect

“Fast service. Knowledgable. Great communication.”

We were so fed up with dealing with providers that had slow service and terrible communication, so we partnered with C3 Group. Since then, we’ve experienced excellent responsiveness to issues, and friendly, professional service by the Service Desk staff, who offer a great knowledge base. Our experience with project implementations has always gone smoothly. We would recommend C3 Group to anyone who needed competent, professional IT support.

Alana Sills, Office Manager at Lifetime Connect


Ngurrala Corporation

Ngurrala Aboriginal Corporation have had a productive relationship with C3 Group for over 9 years and value the prompt, efficient and friendly support and service they have given us, solving problems on line and face to face that allow our IT systems to operate efficiently.

Rob Henry, Nguralla Corporation


Steve Watson & Partners

We have been thoroughly impressed with C3 Groups expertise, attention to detail and the extra mile they have gone to in supporting our offices since February 2012. Having presence in multiple states places reliance on our ICT systems to be optimal; C3 Group ensure that we remain a front runner amongst our competitors. Additionally, C3 Group have assisted with our office relocations, providing a seamless transition with no business down-time. Through C3 Groups Managed Services & Private Cloud infrastructure, we have access to a modern, secure and efficient environment – creating peace-of-mind for our company.

Steve Watson, Steve Watson & Partners


Urunga Bowling Club

“I couldn’t ask for more from an ICT Service Provider”

Like any business that has become so dependent on technology, there was a major gap in keeping up with changes and the demand of higher security due to increased cybercrime. We had a ‘do it ourselves’ approach, however, it was soon evident that the club, and staff, didn’t have the capabilities to ensure everything was in order to keep us running without disruption.

I’m so glad we’re partnered with C3 Group – I honestly don’t have a bad thing to say about them. The most pleasing part about the team is their service. C3 has been exceptional on all levels and very approachable with all of our needs. They ensure we have protection in place to limit the exposure to problems, and things have always been dealt with in a very professional manner with open and honest communication.

The replacement of new servers, the introduction of Wi-Fi, and the cyber protection instalment have all made us feel very comfortable, as we know we’re benefiting from solutions that are keeping us working efficiently and safely. I would certainly recommend C3 Group. They’re professional, have great product knowledge, and the service provided is exceptional.

Thane Duncan, CEO of Club Urunga