Our mission: “combining world-class technology solutions with exceptional service to achieve greater overall success for our clients” – tech enabling business

We deliver this by getting strategic with you by making sure tech powers your business and aligns with where you want to go. Our focus is to:

Drive Productivity

Reduce business risk

Support your growth & prosperity

What makes us different



Our best-in-class solutions are a credit to our 27+ years of industry experience.


Multiple gold & platinum vendor competencies backed by industry certified techs.

Large Support Team

35+ friendly & knowledgeable staff ready to help.

Proactive Approach

We’ve developed innovative solutions that our clients leverage.

Australian Data Centre

Our own multi-location Australian private cloud.

More Value

We’re more than just tech support. We get strategic with your business to help it progress.

Proven results

Managed Servers

Over 650 actively managed Servers.

Managed Endpoints

Over 3500 actively managed Endpoints.

Managed Backup Data

Over 3000 TB of managed client backup data.

Email Hygiene

Over 30000 Email’s cleaned daily.

Malware Prevented

Over 1500 Malware infections prevented weekly

Private Cloud Services

Over 350 managed Cloud hosting subscriptions.

C3 Groups’ full offering

A leading one-stop premium tech provider for SMEs. Our offerings include:

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