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C3 IT gives you access to a partnership where we will manage the tech load, freeing you up to focus on what matters most – your business and customers. Gain more efficient internal processes, heightened security, data protection, fast support and state of the art hardware & software. It all starts here.


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Managed Services Agreements

At C3 Group, we live and breathe technology –  managing and supporting tech environments is what we do best.

Our Managed Services Agreements give your company peace of mind that you have a team of experts ready to provide you with guidance and support, and equip you with the tools you need to work productively and efficiently. Our agreements are completely customisable – we make sure each is tailored to suit specific business requirements; after all, there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to business tech.

Our Managed Services are available in three tiers and run on an annual basis, with month-to-month billing. When you’re partnered with us, you’ll have access to our team of 30 staff, ready to assist you in areas ranging from IT Support, to Branding and Website development, to getting business grade hardware for your team (and everything in between).

You can leverage our support when you want, how you want. C3 Assist is available to all MSA clients so you can lodge support ticket with us on the fly. You can then check where your ticket is up to, the history of the ticket, and how it was resolved. We also have a team dedicated to remote monitoring and management, meaning we’re always on the look out to prevent threats before they arise, and ensure your systems are running optimally. When partnered with us, you’ll also receive:

  • Helpdesk Support
  • Onsite Support
  • Maintenance
  • Cyber Security
  • Monitoring
  • Alerting
  • Backups
  • Web & Email Security

Cyber Security

As cyber threats increase, so does our vulnerability; and in today’s technology driven world, we, as businesses, really are more vulnerable than ever before. Did you know that:

62% of all cyber-attacks are targeted at SMBs? Or that SMBs are targeted by cyber-attacks at least 4,000 times a day? What's worse, is that 60% of SMBs close within 6 months of an attack, as they can't recover.

We’ve seen the devastating impacts cyber-attacks can have on businesses who aren’t properly protected, that’s why we’re passionate about supplying businesses with protection at every layer of their technology environment. Through thorough (and continuous) trials and testing, we’ve developed a multi-layer security solution businesses can utilise to give them protection at every vulnerable point of their business.

Plus we have a team that constantly monitors and updates systems in the background to ensure your company is protected against new threats. We're vigilant, so you don't have to be.

Backup & Business Continuity

Backups make your business secure. Business Continuity makes your business invincible.

Protect your business.

Save time & money.

Reduce downtime.

What are Backups?

Backups are imperative to protecting your business. No matter how many security solutions you have in place, there’s never a 100% guarantee that a cyber-attack won’t slip through the cracks. So if your data is compromised, and there’s nothing backed up, there’s simply nothing to recover. This doesn’t just go for cyber-attacks either… Also important to consider is natural disasters, human error and theft.

What is Business Continuity?

If your business can’t afford extended down-time that would generally come hand-in-hand with disasters, say hello to your new best friend. In the event of a disaster, Business Continuity means that your company has the luxury of being booted up on-premise or in the cloud in minimal time. With C3 BusinessContinuity, you receive onsite backup, offsite backup replication, local and cloud based business continuity, Australian data centre storage and a premium fail over solution.

Business Grade Hardware & Software

We supply businesses with the tools they need to run efficiently. Think devices like servers, desktop computers, notebooks, printers and phone systems (just to name a few).

Our solutions come with three-year, on-site support and next day replacement warranty, plus professional or enterprise versions of Windows – meaning the software driving your day-to-day work is as effective as possible.

We can also ‘build’ equipment that is custom to the requirements of your business. When we’re recommending hardware or software to a company, we’re thinking about solutions that are fit for purpose, easy to use and those that offer safety and minimal down-time, not just the latest and greatest deal – that’s our promise to you.

We supply businesses with:


  • Notebooks,
  • Mobile phones,
  • Tablets,
  • Projectors,
  • Smart boards,
  • Desktop computers,
  • Endpoint accessories,
  • Servers,
  • Monitors, and more.


To truly power a digital transformation, you need I.T. solutions that are easy to deploy, scale, and even easier to manage. That’s where Hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) coupled with Storage Spaces Direct (S2D) come to the fore.

hci server IT Sydney

As Gold Microsoft and Gold Lenovo DCG Partners, we can leverage both HCI & S2D technologies for high performance and highly redundant on-premise and cloud solutions accelerating your infrastructure needs into the stratosphere, making a true digital transformation possible.

Taking the complexity out of cloud computing for clients.

C3 Group selects the Lenovo ThinkAgile MX platform, powered by 2nd gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors, as the foundation for its comprehensive cloud services portfolio—boosting performance by 300%.

Tech Audits

Are you:

Wondering if your IT provider is delivering good value to your business?

A new, or progressing or expanding company looking to bring on a Managed Services Provider?

Frustrated with poor technology performance and want to understand where that pain’s coming from and how you can fix it?

Whatever reason you might be considering an Tech Audit, we think they’re a fantastic opportunity to learn the ins and out of your business tech. Engaging in a tech audit gives you the knowledge you need to make informed decisions about your business foundations moving forward. We provide you with an unbiased snapshot of your tech environment, so you’ll be able to know if you’re really getting value from your IT Provider, any employee and business pain points, and where to best allocate budgeting to help your IT help you.


Management has enough to think about without having to constantly have their business tech in the back of their minds. This is where the Virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO) comes in. They are your personal Information & Communication Technology (ICT) knowledge base, on hand to assist you in planning, road-mapping, budgeting, and implementing the tech your business needs to thrive.

What to look for in your vCIO:

Knowledge & real-world experience in strategic ICT analysis and solutions.
The ability to link business goals with technology trends.
A keen eye for trends that are likely to effect customers.
Experience in budgeting for ICT.
Extensive understanding of ICT road-mapping to meet future business objectives.
Experience in project management and implementation.
Industry know-how and a long-standing reputation.

Why C3 Group? Because you'll have access to:

Extensive knowledge and experience gained from 23+ years of being in business.
Professional guidance in ICT budgeting, planning and solution implementation and maintenance.
Superior support and knowledge in project planning, management and installation.
Far lower costs when compared to having an in-house CIO.
A professional team working with the best interest of your business in mind.
An innovative and proactive approach for a competitive advantage.

Get the solutions your business needs sooner with:

We love the convenience of ‘pay as you go’ – seriously, who doesn’t!? It’s a trend that’s taking the world by storm, and we wanted our clients to leverage the same kind of flexibility and accessibility through us too! Our new style of finance was developed to allow you to get the hardware your business requires through a single, monthly fee that rids the complication of a bunch of small bills coming in at different times. This kind of set up allows your business to easily budget, track and measure IT related expenditure.

Our finance options are sure to keep you and your staff productive, as you’ll be working off modern technology that’s safe and reliable. Your finance guy will also be thrilled as they’ll be dealing with simplified payment plans! And the best thing? You may benefit from tax incentives by renting, rather than purchasing outright.