Five reasons why all SMBs should have an IT Managed Services Provider

10 months ago | by Chris O'Brien

There are countless reasons why business owners should have an IT MSP. Check out our top five:

1. More Time to Focus on Your Business

Let’s face it, if you’re running a business, you have bigger things to worry about than IT, like your customers! However, when business owners don’t make business tech a priority, they can miss things like warning signs of network health risks, prominent cyber threats, and out-of-date software & technology – all of which could lead to serious issues and hefty costs down the track.

Whether you’re a new business owner who hasn’t thought about having a Managed Services Provider (MSP) yet, or you’re a seasoned owner and your established IT works fine, something to consider is: how much better could technology be enabling your business to succeed? With an MSP who customises services and solutions to facilitate your business procedures and future goals, you’ll find your tech easier to use, and running more efficiently both internally and during interactions with customers.

Technology is complex and covers many diverse solutions across a variety of different areas within business. Partnering with an MSP specialising in providing fully outsourced management of your entire technology ‘stack’, will ensure that your business tech is being managed, so you can get on with running your company!


2. 24/7/365 Access to a Team of Tech Experts

Tech issues can arise at any given time – you never know when you’ll experience service disruptions or security threats (the list goes on). If you’re taking care of your business technology yourself, or even have an in house ‘IT guy’, your basket can become very full, very fast. Other priorities can also easily take over, pushing IT issues back from getting resolved, or even leading to them never being addressed.

Unfortunately, a ‘one-man band’ can’t always handle the demands of modern IT; not only can demands become simply too much, but what happens when your IT guy is sick, or goes on holiday? That’s why it’s important to consider having an MSP for your business – it gives you huge peace-of-mind knowing that you ALWAYS have technicians on hand, ready to help you with anything (and in most cases, prevent issues from ever arising).


3. Increased Tech Efficiency & Reliability

Think about the foundations of your business operations… It’s rare to see businesses today running off of manual systems, instead, everything is technology based. Tech is literally giving you the ability to run your business, right? Having an MSP means you have people who live and breathe technology taking care of your business foundations. How awesome is that!

The possibilities when partnering with a reputable MSP are endless – customised software, automation, collaboration, greater productivity, and support whenever you need it. All in all, having an MSP gives you greater tech reliability & efficiency.


4. Stay Up-To-Date with the Latest Tech and Infrastructure

Having the latest tech tools and solutions within your business can help you stay ahead of your competition. Sometimes, SMBs are concerned about the costs associated with employing such technology – not just the initial costs of getting it, but also the training involved in learning – because as all business owners know, time is money!

When partnering with an MSP, you’re lucky enough to have industry experts guide you in attaining hardware and software that’s right for your business – not just the latest hype. We also assist with the initial support required to help install and learn the new software/hardware, which saves you and your people time and frustration.

A further advantage of having an MSP, is that fact that all of your infrastructure is constantly monitored. This ensures you are using healthy infrastructure that meets your business requirements and future objectives.


5. Increased Cybersecurity and Dependable Backup & Disaster Recovery (DR)

Businesses are more vulnerable than ever to cyber threats. Australia has had the highest increase in cyber-attacks over the last couple of years, when compared to any other country. Ransomware attacks in particular have increased dramatically. Modern cybersecurity threats such as these are why businesses really need to ensure they have a high standard of antivirus security on their systems.

Having an MSP will give you the upper-hand on cybercriminals, as you will get advice on the best security measures to have in place, based on industry trends and known threats. MSPs can enforce maximum security on all levels of your business tech.

As business operations depend heavily on technology, what would you do if your IT suddenly stopped working due to a security threat or disaster? Your MSP can provide you with protection that is arguably more important than anything else – a solid backup and disaster recovery solution. If you don’t have any backups in place, there would be nothing to recover if something were to happen and your systems crashed. Not only would you lose data, but it would also cost you an immense amount of time and money trying to get back to where you were before the disaster occurred. This is something that us MSPs like to make sure you’re aware of, because having a solid backup & disaster recovery in place is essentially your tech insurance.


Are you thinking of partnering with an IT company to leverage the benefits of Managed Services? At C3 Group, when we talk about greater efficiency, we are referring to your business operations; efficient in-house processes for greater staff productivity, and efficient and seamless communication channels between you and your clients. When we talk about reliability, we are referring to providing you with reliable technology, reliable support, and a reliable partnership. When you partner with C3 Group, you’re partnering with a passionate group of people who understand both tech and business. Our relationship, and the success of your business and people, always matters.

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