For optimal cyber security protection.

Train your staff to sniff out phishy emails.

With the recent implementation of legislation regarding data breaches, there has never been a more important time for companies to buckle down on their cyber security protection methods.

Think phishing emails don’t cause data breaches? Think again. Phishing emails are responsible for 73% of malware and ransomware attacks, meaning that most data is taken or held ransom due to a user clicking on a link, downloading a malicious file, or even simply opening a word or pdf document within a phishing email.

If your staff are better training at spotting fake emails, they can save your company a lot of time, headaches, money and potential reputation damage. Do you know what a data breach would cost your company? Checkout the visual to the right…


Let C3 Group innovate your approach to cyber security & empower your staff to keep themselves and your business safe.

Realistic Phishing Simulations

To test responses, then direct awareness programs to users accordingly.

Why it works:

Engaging Training Courses

Quick, concise and interactive courses to increase your staffs attentiveness to emails.

Trackable Campaigns

Measuring success is key. Keep track of user participation to encourage participation.

Training benefits:

Aside from providing the strongest form of security to your staff, here are some more pros to SAT:
Let us take you through a demo of how Security Awareness Training works and how it will fit in with your day to day business operations. Fill out this form and we'll be in touch.
Tailor fake phishing campaigns to your business.
Keep up with threats through on-going training.
Full reporting to show staff training results.
Cost-effective way to enforce superior protection company-wide.
Empower your staff to be safer when using technology.
Have the ultimate peace-of-mind about your protection.

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