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C3 Connect brings you, your people, and your customers together. We’ve developed solutions that deliver strong connectivity, less down-time, higher productivity and superior support. Learn more about our best-fit solutions below:


Secure Private Data Networks

Hosted & Onprem Security

Hosted & On-Premise Managed Security

Public Internet Connectivity

Public Internet Connectivity

Business Telephony

Business Telephony

Cabling & Wireless

Cabling & Wireless

Secure Private Data Networks

At C3 Group, we’re all about security. For some companies, it’s non-negotiable that all communication carried out online, is done so privately. For these companies, we suggest implementing a Secure Private Network (SPN). This is a totally private network that connects offices in multiple locations over a wide variety of technologies, including ADSL2+, Ethernet over Copper (EoC), Ethernet over Fibre (EoF), NBN Fixed Wireless & Fibre, Mircowave and 4G.

Being a direct private connection, there is no Virtual Private Network (VPN) overhead, additionally Internet is injected at a single Firewall source in our Private Cloud, promoting the highest grade of performance, privacy and security when communicating online.

Hosted & On-Premise Managed Security

Our Managed Security options are available to all companies, whether they work using on-premise solutions (i.e. physical servers in your office), or hosted solutions (cloud services). Our managed security solutions are called Firewalls. They’re solutions that sit at the edge of a network and monitor all communication that comes in and out, filtering malicious or banned content. Firewalls have customisable options to allow for a more personalised approach to security on top of the standard safety they supply. This is beneficial for business owners who wish to limit the sites their employees use within work hours.

For those companies working with on premise solutions, Firewalls are a physical appliance we install in your office with your server. It’s a small, efficient device that’s ideal for SMBs, with superior customisation and reporting abilities. For those companies who work with hosted solutions, we offer virtual firewalls. These perform the same job as physical appliances, however, they’re doing their filtering job in the cloud. No matter how your company chooses to utilise technology, we always supply solutions that give you optimal safety – which is something we consider to be of the utmost importance as cybercrime continues to advance.

Public Internet Connectivity

C3 Connect is our public internet solution offering businesses ADSL2+, Ethernet over Copper (Eoc), Ethernet over Fibre (EoF), NBN Wireless & Fibre and 4G Internet connections with fast, local support. There are significant benefits to leveraging us for public internet, including:

One point of contact for support.

Competitive pricing on plans.

Honest and open communication.

Business Telephony

Our business telephony solutions offer a seamless communication experience, both internally and externally. We offer physical and virtual systems that easily integrate with computers and mobile devices to boost productivity wherever you are.


Management of your phone system has never been so easy! Ongoing maintenance is reduced to almost nothing, with automation of everyday tasks and the ability to monitor critical processes from a single dashboard.


We have integrated the most advanced and up-to-date security protocols and technologies into C3 BusinessTelephony, safeguarding your communications against all types of attacks. It’s also easily personalisable with security features such as IP blacklisting.


Softphones available for Windows & Mac, and smartphone clients for iOS & Android work seamlessly in conjunction with Web Client for unbeatable connectivity and mobility.


Integration with your other applications is easy; connect C3 BusinessTelephony with popular CRMs such as Salesforce, Google Contacts, Office 365 and more. Employees can save time and increase productivity with call pop-ups, journals and more by working across Apps with ease.


Save on your office phone bills and eliminate interoffice call charges by connecting remote branches and allowing remote workers to use their extension wherever they are.


C3 BusinessTelephony includes a full suite of unified communications features without the need for additional downloads, add ons or purchases. You can video conference, screen share, whiteboard and more!

Cabling & Wireless

We provide copper and fibre infrastructure cabling, as well as fixed wireless solutions to get you & your team connected to the internet. We base your connection on the best-fit model + your preference, giving you a solution that provides superior communication between you, your staff and your customers.

C3 ManagedWireless solutions were created to support and scale with Small to Medium Businesses (SMBs). With our wireless access points, business employees and guests can access network resources from places that were previously out of range, and at a level that is just as secure as a wired network. Other key benefits of C3 ManagedWireless include:

  • Fast and reliable connections.
  • Scalability and policies enforcement.
  • High resiliency.
  • Easy to integrate.
  • Simplified Guest Access.
  • Optimised User Experience.

Get the solutions your business needs sooner with:

We love the convenience of ‘pay as you go’ – seriously, who doesn’t!? It’s a trend that’s taking the world by storm, and we wanted our clients to leverage the same kind of flexibility and accessibility through us too! Our new style of finance was developed to allow you to get the hardware your business requires through a single, monthly fee that rids the complication of a bunch of small bills coming in at different times. This kind of set up allows your business to easily budget, track and measure IT related expenditure.

Our finance options are sure to keep you and your staff productive, as you’ll be working off modern technology that’s safe and reliable. Your finance guy will also be thrilled as they’ll be dealing with simplified payment plans! And the best thing? You may benefit from tax incentives by renting, rather than purchasing outright.