2019 Coffs Harbour C3 Cyber Security Lunch Session Recap

3 years ago | by Chris O'Brien

The C3 Group 2019 Coffs Harbour Cyber Security Lunch was a two hour jam packed lunch held in the fabulous new facilities at C.ex Coffs Harbour. Attendees had an opportunity to network, hear from an industry expert Matthew See from WatchGuard and be educated on how they could better protect their business, assets and people.

The aim of the event was to raise Cyber Security awareness amongst the business community in and around Coffs Harbour and provide real-world insights from leading security vendor, WatchGuard.

The lunch session began off with an official welcome by C3 Group Managing Director, Brian Townley, who briefly spoke on C3’s history in becoming the leading Managed Service Provider (MSP) on the Mid North Coast with over 30 staff spread across two offices in Coffs Harbour and Port Macquarie.

Brian also spoke about C3’s offerings and recent investment into a multi-million dollar private cloud. Brian highlighted how this ground breaking infrastructure investment’s something very few Managed Service Providers are able to offer in regional areas.

Cyber Security keynote speaker, Matthew See (WatchGuard), begun by demonstrating real reasons businesses and individuals should be concerned about Cyber safety.

Matthew gave real-world examples, showcasing businesses affected by Cyber crime, such as a casino who’s network had been totally brought down by a compromised thermometer in the lobby fish tank (yes really!!), through to very real in office and at home risks such as smart tv’s, speakers and printers.

Matthew didn’t simply scare and leave it there, he gave great resources for attendees to implement themselves in their workplaces along with a mention to several world class products available through C3 Group.

There was also a great time for questions, which we think was really helpful for attendees.

Brian Townley (C3 Group’s Managing Director) finished the keynote, offering some simple and very practical take home Cyber Security tips.

They were:

1. Always use long & complex passwords.
2. Use a password manager like LastPass to help store and recall passwords.
3. Never (and we mean never!) give anyone your password.
4. Be suspicious, if it’s too good to be true, don’t click on it.
5. Use Multi-Factor Authentication! C3 Group offers a great product you can use and roll out throughout your whole organisation.
6. When in doubt, ask someone, a colleague, a friend or your I.T. company!

At the end of the session we drew a lucky door prize which included A pair of Apple AirPods, $50 Visa Gift Voucher, a Lenovo Laptop Bag, a Travel Mug and 16GB Memory Stick.

We would like to thank our participating vendor WatchGuard and Matthew See for presenting at our event along with Jason Lim who shared some great insights, and of course the businesses who took the time out of their day. We hope you gained insights and feel far better equipped to relate the presentations back to your businesses.

Below are some more pictures from the day.

Once again, we would like to thank everyone who made our event a great success.