Office 365 Features You Should Be Using

4 years ago | by Chris O'Brien

O365 is a popular tool for businesses around the world, and understandably so – it provides endless opportunities to increase efficiencies, advance collaboration and gain a competitive edge.

But while so many businesses have O365, there’s still many features that they aren’t utilising, and possibly don’t even know about. Here’s some we think you’ll benefit from:

OneDrive for safer file storage & mobile access:

This is Microsoft’s solution for secure file storage in the Cloud. Using OneDrive, you can automate your files to save to your OneDrive folder, making them accessible anywhere, from any of your devices.

Aside from the accessibility benefits, is the security perks. Automating your files to save on OneDrive means they’re securely backed up. So instead of storing your files on one device that has the potential to crash, get damaged or lost / stolen, your files are recoverable and accessible on whatever you’re working on, whenever you’re working.

OneDrive is fast, secure and scalable. Even taking the first step to save critical documents to OneDrive is a good start to taking advantage of this fantastic feature in Office 365.

Real-time co-authoring & Skype messaging in Microsoft Word & PowerPoint Online:

This is a great collaboration tool for building documents and presentations between team members in the workplace. The best thing? You get the traditional usability of that we all know and love from Microsoft Word and PowerPoint. There’s no need to log into other accounts, or spend money on third part collaboration tools when O365 allows for real-time co-authoring in as easy as three steps:

  • Create a Word or PowerPoint document and save it to OneDrive or SharePoint Online, so others can access and work on it.

  • Once you’ve done this, you can share it and invite people to edit it with you.

  • When they open and work in the document, you’ll see each other’s changes as soon as they’re made!

In addition to co-authoring, you can click a chat button to instant message through Skype, right in your document while you’re all working.

PowerPoint Designer will help you look like a pro:

PowerPoint Designer will be your new best friend when it comes to creating presentations, it’s certainly ours. This tool helps you create beautiful, engaging presentations in minutes. All you have to do is insert some text and images, and it will show you the most effective designs for that slide. It’s really simple – here’s how you use it:

  • Open PowerPoint Online through O365.
  • Start your slideshow by inserting some text and an image in the background, you’ll notice a pop out on the right side of your screen with Design Ideas, showing you effective designs for your presentation!

  • Any slide you insert thereafter also has this feature, you just input whatever content you want, click on design in the top menu, then design ideas. Again, you’ll get a pop out on the right side of your screen with suggested effective layouts. If you’ve listed content in point form, it’ll give you designs that represent steps, timelines, and more!

  • As stated above, when you’re ready, you can share this presentation with your co-workers who can co-author your presentation in real time!

The ‘tell me’ tool:

Microsoft’s ‘tell me’ tool isn’t new, but we know a lot of people don’t really even know it’s there! This is a clever tool to help you get things done quickly. Look for the ‘tell me’ tool, and type in what you want to do for it to help you then and there:

Let the Delve feature keep you up to date:

Are you using Enterprise edition of Office 365 and storing documents in OneDrive or SharePoint? If so, you have access to Delve – a search tool that automatically shows you popular documents that other members in your company are working and collaborating on. You can use this snapshot of documents to comment, prioritise, or checkout where work is up to.

Use Microsoft Teams for greater communication & collaboration with your colleagues:

Microsoft Teams is a collaboration feature you can take advantage of to talk privately with colleagues, collaborate in an open space, work on documents directly, or even make audio or video calls. Here are our favourite things about Teams:

  • Group Chat: Think of Teams as a social media platform for your business, providing you with a central space for your staff to collaborate. You can create groups dedicated to the entire company, or spaces for specific teams or topics. You can change permissions to allow everyone, or only some people to have access. With all message threads saved, you’re able to dive in and out as you need.
  • Centralised Sharing Platform: Share files, images and emails in Teams for work colleagues to access.
  • Customisable: As stated above, you can dedicate groups to your preferences, and even enable automated notifications from third party platforms like Twitter to stream to a dedicated channel.
  • App Integration With Other O365 Features: In Teams, you can edit word documents, create tabs for OneNote, SharePoint, and more. Having one location to work and collaborate makes for one very productive tool!
  • Meetings: There is even an Open Meetings feature, which allows you to jump into a meeting no matter where you in the world.
  • Mobile: With Teams available on mobile (iOS & Android), you can take it with you so you’re up to date wherever you go.

And even better, the additional features said to be added this year sound unreal! You’ll soon be able to record, transcribe and save meetings to the cloud, utilise their voice assistant Cortana, and take advantage of inline message translation, plus more!

If you’ve already got Office 365 in your company, why not give these a go? Or if you don’t have it, we’d be more than happy to help you understand this suite of tools more, simply get in touch with us through the form below, or if you’re an existing client, reach out to your CSM.

Do you have O365 for your business?

Or are you looking to get it?

Which ever it is, we can help you better understand how 0365 works, and how your company could be utilising it for more efficiencies!