NBN Rollout in Coffs Harbour

9 years ago | by Chris O'Brien

The National Broadband Network (NBN) rollout is progressing well in Coffs Harbour with two local areas already “switched on” to the new fibre service. There are also a number of NBN contractors working on the implementation for the Coffs Harbour CBD and Jetty Beach areas, which are expected to be online soon.

To determine whether you are able to connect to the NBN, please view the rollout maps located on the NBN’s website (www.nbnco.com.au), or contact C3 Group. We can help you select the appropriate NBN Service Provider and plan, and have access to special pricing through the providers we partner with.

C3 Group will assist with implementing the appropriate NBN-compatible Firewall, if you don’t already have one, and will migrate key business services such as Remote Access, VoIP & Email across to the new service. These activities are commonly overlooked when Internet connections are changed which often leads to downtime as a result.

The NBN provides exciting opportunities for local organisations to leverage this new technology to gain competitive advantage. In particular, Cloud-based solutions are available to reduce the on-premise footprint and CAPEX of technology whilst providing un-paralleled levels of productivity, mobility &  collaboration.

In addition to moving services to the cloud, some immediately realisable benefits of the NBN to local organisations include improved Teleworking & Remote Access capabilities, enhanced collaboration via technologies such as Video Conferencing and Offsite Backup & Disaster Recovery (DR).

To find out how your organisation can implement and leverage the NBN to gain competitive advantage and provide better work experiences, please contact one of our Cloud experts on 1300 661 859 or email cloud@c3group.com.au.