Microsoft Australian Partner Conference 2012

10 years ago | by Chris O'Brien

As a Microsoft partner, C3 Group recently attended the yearly Australian Partner Conference (APC) at the Brisbane exhibition centre. Brian and Peter attended the conference to gain further insight into Microsoft’s current and future vision, and how that relates to the solutions we provide to C3 Group clients.

Already, 2012 is a big year for Microsoft, with Windows Server 2012 Server Platform, a.k.a. the “Cloud OS”, being released a couple of weeks ago. There are also a number of other major releases due before the end of the year in the Desktop & Smart Phone space, including the much anticipated Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8. It will be just as busy in 2013, with Office 2013 due to be released along with new releases to a number of Server products including Exchange, SharePoint & Lync.

The result of Microsoft’s new product releases will be a consistent, touch-enabled and cloud-optimised platform across all end-user devices, including desktops, notebooks, thin clients, tablets and Smart Phones (and more!). This end-user experience will be powered by the latest in back-end Server technology delivered either as an on-premise or cloud-based solution, allowing end-users to access their data any where, any time and from any device! This will lead to unparalled levels of business productivity, and a simply amazing end-user experience.

As well as learning more about Microsoft’s future vision, Brian and Peter were able to network with Microsoft employees, Hardware & Software vendors & other IT leaders from all over Australia, all of which is invaluable and essential for a leading regional-based IT company.

While attending APC 2012, Peter was lucky enough to win Express Data’s Formula One Challenge and won a new Nokia phone featuring the Windows Phone operating system. Peter was happy that his love for Formula One racing and many years experience in playing Formula One games on his computer finally paid off! Many thanks to Express Data & Microsoft for the new phone.

Above: Peter Hood, C3 Group being awarded the prize for fastest lap time from Brad Clarke, Microsoft.

C3 Group are proud to be partnered with Microsoft. We look forward to continuing to improve our client’s organisations through the implementation of amazing technology solutions based on Microsoft technologies.