How To Use Social Media For Better SEO

4 years ago | by Chris O'Brien

The future is uncertain, but in the world of SEO (search engine optimisation), change is a constant.

Statistics indicate that a high organic ranking attracts 50% more click throughs than the top AdWord listing, proving that businesses and consumers alike both place more credibility and trust with those who rank higher organically. So while some people are paying the big bucks to get their site above everyone else’s on search results, is it really worth the money? Research suggests perhaps not – and instead of using their money towards this, businesses should be focusing on how to rank higher organically, but how? One thing businesses constantly overlook is the power social media has over organic SEO ranking.

Most people know organic search engine optimisation (SEO) as the process of optimising your website and HTML to help you rank higher on search engines like Google and Bing – making potential customers find you before they find someone else, but what people don’t realise is there’s tactics beyond your sites HTML that will help you achieve a higher online presence overall, and better search engine ranking.

The days of link bombing with anchor text, buying hordes of links from automated blog comment spam injectors, and the construction of inter-linking farms are long gone – and SEO optimisation continues to get more challenging and more complex. While we wish it was as simple as ‘build it and they will come’, it’s just not. The good news is that no one searches for something they’re not interested in – people are out there looking for you. And one thing you have control over to help you get in front of this audience, is your social media accounts. There are several effective ways companies can marry their social media to their SEO ranking for better results, and we’ve put together three, simple ways you can start upping your SEO ranking today:

  1. Share, share, share. There’s no point in updating your site with content if you’re not going to share it out to your social followers. Hootsuite found that articles published on social media platforms tend to do better than those that aren’t. What this means is that articles that are published on the likes of Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, attract more readers and website visitors than articles that are published without sharing. In fact, you will notice that when people search for certain terms, social media posts actually rank on the first page of Google due to the power of social media, instantly giving your brand greater reach, and your company a better SEO ranking.
  2. Backlinks are forever. While utilising backlinks for better SEO has evolved over the years, it has remained unchanged that the amount of quality backlinks a website has is a highly effective ranking factor for search engines. This has seen link building continuing to be widely-used among marketers, especially by way of social media, as the essence of social platforms makes them the perfect staging ground for sharing links, and building your backlink profile. The logic here is pretty simple; as we mentioned above, sharing content is an important way of getting your site out there. Also important, is fostering engagement around that content. The difference between simply sharing your content to help SEO, and ensuring you get some engagement with those shared link, is that the more engaging your content is, the more people share and comment, meaning your links are spread even further, providing your site with additional backlinks and greater credibility, therefore prompting a higher SEO ranking.
  3. Leveraging contacts. Something that social media allows you to easily and effectively do, is mention and tag users to build more relevance and signal influencers. Mentioning and tagging other pages and users in your content is one of the best ways to amplify your posts, and drive greater SEO. Not only do those you tag and mention get notified when you do so, but they’ll be more compelled to engage on your post or share your post with their audience, and (as mentioned above) the more shares and engagement, the better the reach and the more potential for driving quality traffic to your site, and building your bank of backlinks.

For many businesses, a mixture of organic and paid results often works best, but it’s always the organic results that will prove more effective. By utilising social media tactically, you’re able to gain higher organic results, giving your business greater authority among your competitors, a higher level of consumer trust and longer term results.

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