Does Size Really Matter?

5 years ago | by Chris O'Brien

For too long there has been a debate about the need for Small to Medium Businesses (SMBs) to adopt professional IT Support, just like the big players do. This begs the question: does business size really matter when it comes to needing IT Support?

A lot of SMB owners who come to us for support tell us stories of how they’d managed to keep afloat by self-managing most of their IT issues, but found it to be time consuming, expensive, inefficient and often ineffective. The fact is, professional IT Support is often treated as a secondary concern by SMB owners, generally because they’ve been able to stumble their way through their DIY startup years by doing it themselves. But seeing IT as an option rather than a necessity is the difference between a business struggling through constant tech issues, and a business functioning seamlessly – no matter how big or small that business is.

It’s usually not until a catastrophe occurs, like a server crashing or a cyber-attack, that small business owners realise they need professional support. There are plenty of tell-tale signs that you should consider bringing on a Managed Services Provider (MSP). Are you:

  • Continuing to miss deadlines because of software malfunctions, email issues, or printers not working?
  • Noticing your staff aren’t performing as well as they could be due to wasted time on tech issues?
  • Concerned about cybersecurity, don’t have a disaster recovery plan, or no backups in place?
  • Seeing your billable hours suffer because you’ve been using your own time to wrestle with computer issues?
  • Planning to grow your company?

I guess what we’re trying to ask is: do you ever have moments where all you want to do is…

If you answered yes to any of those questions, we encourage you to reach out for support – you’ll be thanking yourself for it! We know too well that SMBs often try to employ ways to get out of bringing on an MSP, like getting ad hoc support; and although that’s better than nothing, there’s just no comparison to having a dedicated MSP. There’s such a stigma around IT Support costing an arm and a leg, but that’s just not the case.

Allocating funds from your budget to bring on an outsourced IT Provider pays for itself by having:

Proactive management.

This one’s a biggie! Say goodbye to the huge bill that comes with fixing things like server crashes, outages and security compromises. MSPs manage and monitor your networks so any issues like these, or potential areas for future problems, are discovered early for easy remediation (however, in most cases, this management allows these issues to be avoided all together!). Proactive management of your software & hardware is also a huge plus when bringing on an MSP. Instead of ending up with a mishmash of hardware components and software applications that complicate things like trouble shooting, repair, automation, safety, renewal dates, license terms etc., you’ll have knowledgeable technology partners who are proficient in current technologies and willing to help standardise the tools used to run your business. The money you save on having this proactive management is most certainly worthwhile.

Superior data safety.

Can you afford to lose all of your business data? Didn’t think so… Data safety is an important issue and all businesses need to ensure they’re heavily protected, no matter what their size. MSPs focus on ensuring your data is not only stored securely, but also well protected against cybercrime. Cybercrime should be of particular concern to SMBs – did you know that 60% of small businesses hit by a cyber-attack go out of business within the following six months? That’s an alarming statistic! With an MSP, you not only have peace-of-mind thanks to superior protection in place, but a solid recovery plan should the worst occur.

Solid advice.

Not just advice for utilisation now, but also for your future. MSPs can help get you back on track with efficient day-to-day procedures by providing you with knowledgeable advice on the products and solutions you can implement for greater productivity, security and usability. Businesses planning on growing can also leverage their IT Provider in assisting with a roadmap of the tools and strategies required to sufficiently support and scale with growth. This planning allows for easy budgeting too, which is another big tick for MSPs!

MSPs provide full transparency in how they will treat your business – if you’re unsure of the costs associated with ongoing IT Support and how that will impact your company, you can ask an MSP to perform an obligation free IT Audit. This will help you understand your tech environment in terms of what you have in place, its purpose and its functionality. You’ll know what’s working, what’s not, and what an MSP recommends – all things that will help you make an informed decision when it comes to IT Support. You can read more about IT Audits here.

In today’s world, it’s evident that businesses simply can’t survive without technology – so instead of wondering if you can afford to allocate funds from that tight budget to bringing on a dedicated IT Provider, the question you should be asking, is can you afford not to?

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