Cloud’s Getting Better & Better, So Why Is There Still Hesitation?

4 years ago | by Chris O'Brien

Cloud Technology

With cloud becoming more mainstream, efficient and cost-effective, why aren’t more businesses embracing it?

Some people argue that cloud computing has been the best thing for small business since the invention of the stapler, and yet, so many SMBs are still spending thousands of dollars on physical infrastructure that doesn’t serve their business operations and future goals as well as cloud could – why?

We’re going to breakdown the three most common misconceptions about cloud technology that seem to hold businesses back from reaching their full potential.


Business owners often believe that the complexity that comes with migrating to the cloud out-weighs the benefits that come with its implementation. And while it certainly is true that IT structures vary greatly between businesses, and there is no one-size-fits-all for cloud migration, this kind of customised approach is also what makes cloud such an advantageous solution.

As each business has different desires (for example one business might want to move only some of their applications or data to the cloud, while others wish to utilise cloud for their complete infrastructure), before migration occurs, an audit of both the organisational and technical infrastructure needs to completed. This is carried out to gather a complete picture of the overall goals of the migration, and how it will impact the business during the actual process. This is where expectations and possibilities are aligned, and business owners can have a clear idea of the operational impact (if any). From here, your IT Provider organises the migration process to allow for minimal impact on the organisation as a whole – monitoring it closely should anything unforeseen arise.

So in the end, the most complex thing about moving to the cloud is simply the decision to do so! From there, your IT Provider will take the reigns and ensure a smooth transition to a cloud environment that supports and optimises your business functionality and future goals.


With the implications of data loss and the consequences of the Data Breach Legislation, it’s safe to say that data breaches are up there with the top security concerns that small business owners have today (regardless of cloud or physical infrastructure). Studies have found that nearly 90% of small business owners are most concerned about security breaches and other data loss occurrences in a cloud environment. As protection advances, peace-of-mind should too – especially given new technologies like two-factor authentication that requires users to provide two separate log-ins before they’re able to access data. Creating different points of unique user identification, authentication, and automatic log off timers gives users additional security that’s personalised and makes life extremely difficult for hackers. It ultimately prevents a single stolen credential from being the key to gaining full access to a cloud environment.

Your IT Provider will also take all the necessary steps to ensure you have superior security in place – things like giving you the option of a private data centre over a public provider; taking care of patching, encryption and backups, the list goes on. It’s also important to note however, that you can do little things such as controlling access to sensitive areas within your cloud environment, which will work wonders in providing further data protection and mitigating risks.

So long as you’re partnered with a knowledgable, security focused IT Provider, and take small but impactful steps to help your organisation remain protected from prominent threats, you will significantly lower your security risks when utilising cloud technology, and are therefore at no greater risk than if you were using on-premise solutions.

Loss of Control:

It’s a common misconception that if you move your data to the cloud, you’ll experience total loss of control over it. But what would you really define as ‘control’? Most small businesses have control over their purchases, yes, but often they lack control over being able to gain more efficiencies within their systems, or a broader range of software features due to monetary restraints. When a company moves to the cloud, not only is the burden of maintaining hardware and upgrading software diminished, you also actually gain access to more technology for less money, which allows your business to do things you could never do before!

With headaches decreased, and more time to dedicate to optimising your business operations and customer-centric initiatives, you can have complete focus on your business goals and trust that your IT Provider has everything covered to work with you as far as technology is concerned.

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