Five Reasons Why Cloud Computing = Clever Computing

5 years ago | by Chris O'Brien

Still wondering what cloud computing is and why businesses use it? We break it down:

Cloud computing basically means that you’re using the internet to consume resources, like data and applications. The reason that a lot of people love the cloud so much, is that they can consume all of these resources, without having to build and maintain computing infrastructure in-house, which we all know can be a very time consuming and expensive exercise.

Cloud computing boasts many benefits, including the competitive advantage companies gain when utilising cloud, as they have modern and efficient tech at their fingertips! This fairly common technology is becoming more and more popular as time progresses. Here’s the top five reasons we think companies should consider moving to the cloud:

IT Providers, like ourselves, offer a range of cloud solutions to businesses. Do any of these sound like they’d benefit you?

Hosted Cloud Solutions: 

Cloud Hosting is innovative technology that allows an unlimited number of machines to act as one system. All of the data included in our Cloud Hosting is stored locally in our Australia Datacentre. Our Private Cloud Hosting Solutions offer businesses security, flexibility and automation that has the ability to drive business efficiency and competitiveness.

Offsite Backup:

Offsite backups are used as data backup & disaster recovery measures. There are generally two reasons businesses employ offsite backup. Firstly, to secure data from malicious attacks, and secondly, to safeguard their data in case the primary site is damaged or destroyed. All of our clients backups are stored in our secure Australian Datacentre. The benefit of implementing an offsite backup solution, is that it is fully automated protection for your business data.

Hybrid Cloud Solutions:

Hybrid Cloud often refers to a combination of a public cloud, private cloud and/or on-premises solutions. A great advantage of a Hybrid Cloud Solution, is that workloads can move between private and public clouds as computing needs and demands change – the flexibility this allows for data deployment options is what we like best about this! Giving our clients the option of Hybrid Cloud ensures their businesses can change and grow without being restricted in this area.

Web Hosting:

Our Web Hosting solutions give clients the ability to create a presence on the internet, as well as the allocated storage space required to support website traffic and back end operations. We focus on ensuring the speed, protection and reliability of our hosting is top notch. Everything is run through our highly secure Australian based Datacentre on fast, redundant connections, keeping your site highly available and your end-users happy.

Cloud Migration:

Cloud migration is the process of moving business data, applications or other elements from a company’s onsite computers to the cloud; or moving them from one cloud environment to another. Running off the cloud gives businesses a means of any where, any time access to business data. The security, mobility and efficiency of moving ones business to the cloud is rapidly becoming the new ‘norm’ of business operations. It’s safe, reliable and gives companies a competitive advantage!

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