C3 TechTalks Event Recap

4 years ago | by Chris O'Brien

Our vision was to hold an event that catered to businesses of all sizes and industries.

We wanted to give companies a value-packed day that helped them better understand technology, the importance of protecting their businesses from the rise in cybercrime, how they can be more compliant to legislation involving their data, and also assist them in better understanding their business brand identity & the need for strategic online presence and how they can get there. Well, we’re proud and thankful that it was a packed room at C3 TechTalks! Here’s how the event went down…

Located at Pacific Bay Resort in Coffs Harbour, C3 TechTalks was an event that covered all things tech. From the ever important topic of Cyber Security, to effective branding and Search Engine Optimistation (SEO), to some useful features and new apps being included in Office365 – a product that most of our clients know and love, and one that we wanted them to reap even more value from – our event was diverse and aimed to provide clients with thought-provoking and innovation driving information to help their business progress.

The day kicked off with cyber security and recover focus. We were joined by three of our leading vendors, Webroot, WatchGuard and StorageCraft, who detailed ways cyber criminals work, the importance of backups and gave relatable and practical examples of how end-users can protect themselves, not only when they’re working from the office, but also when out and about and from home. We then looked at upcoming an innovative technologies and challenged our audience to think about how they can be innovative with technology to create a competitive advantage now and in the future. Branding, websites and marketing was then looked at. We explain what businesses can do to get a better online presence, and where to put their efforts for more effective online marketing and engagement. We finished the day with showing clients and guests that Office365 has as lot more than just the standard Office products we know like Word, Outlook, PowerPoint etc. Let’s look at a breakdown of each session (with slides available for download).

James Mason (above), Webroot’s Sales Engineer, presented first on cyber security. He talked about how more and more people are actively online and how that’s leading the the inevitable rise in cyber crime. He detailed how cyber-criminals work, and gave us the hard truths about The Shadow Hunters and how hackers can become sophisticated cyber-criminals practically overnight, covering-up and even supporting their crime via a Help Desk. You can view his slide deck here.

WatchGuard’s Systems Engineer, Matthew See (above), scared our audience into never using public Wi-Fi again… or at least ensuring they have the right protection when they are using it. He also talked about the benefits of sophisticated Managed Wi-Fi Solutions, which include gathering analytics to help focus your sales and marketing efforts, marketing templates and automated campaigns and of course, protection to you and your users from intercepted attacks. You can checkout Matt’s slide deck here.

Director of StorageCraft’s Technical Services, Jack Alsop (above), came to talk to our audience about the importance of a robust backup and business continuity solution, and also informed them about the latest Notifiable Data Breach Legislation (more information is available about this here and here). Jack also talked about the fact that protection goes beyond just your work equipment, and than you should in fact be thinking about your own mobile devices. You can view Jack’s slide deck here.

Following Jack was Lenovo’s Solutions Alliance Manager, Andrew Silvers. Andrew presented on how technology will effect business now and in the future. He talked about how emerging technologies are already helping collect invaluable data to help our eco-system and well-beings. He also talked about how technology is helping people in agriculture, transport, energy and health industries, and posed the question of whether or not our businesses are ready for what the future of technology will bring. He provoked thought surrounding the need to not only ‘keep the lights on’ when it comes to a companies IT infrastructure, but also plan for what will give your company a competitive edge to keep your business thriving and serving customers the best way you can. You can view Andrew’s slide deck here.

We then had Jimmy Evans (above), our C3 Create Design & Web Developer present. He gave businesses on the day a run down of why branding, SEO, websites, email campaigns and social media strategies are so important, and gave them valuable take away tips they can do to get their company where it should be in terms of their online presence and brand awareness. He also touched on the need to think about your current providers and put them to the test to ensure they’re doing everything they could be to help with your website / marketing strategy. Checkout Jimmy’s slide deck for all of his tips and explanations at our event.

To close out the day, we had Tim O’Neill (above), a Microsoft representative from Dicker Data. Along with MC’ing our event, Tim also presented on the latest in Microsoft’s Office365 suite, and how businesses can leverage the apps that they might not already be, within a solution they’re currently paying for. He talked about solutions that can up efficiency internally, like Microsoft Teams, and spoke about tools businesses can use to optimise their interactions with clients, like Microsoft Bookings. He also introduced upcoming features and releases in the Office365 suite, and hosted a virtual panel discussion via Skype for Business with four of his colleagues to talk to the crowd about the latest in Notifiable Data Breach Legislation and Digital Transformation. Check out his slides here.

At the end of each session, we drew a lucky door prize, which included 3 Drones and a 10″ Lenovo Tablet. We would like to thank all of our participating vendors and presenters at our event, and of course the businesses who took the time out of their day to come and learn from our staff and partners. We hope you gained insights and were able to relate the presentations back to your businesses.

Once again, we would like to thank everyone who made our event a great success. We encourage clients and other businesses in attendance to contact us if you have any questions or feedback about our event. Please use the form below and a member of our team will get in touch with you shortly.

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