It’s the end of the road for Windows 7 and Server 2008!

3 years ago | by Chris O'Brien

Windows 7 / Server 2008 End of Life

After 10 great years, support for both products are about to end. We understand changes in technology can be difficult, but we’re here to help you and support your business with important news like end of support but also tips for what to do next.

Look around at the tech you’re running in your business or home… More than likely you’ve replaced or overhauled almost all of it over the past 3-5 years – and if you haven’t, you definitely should consider it!

Both Windows 7 and Server 2008 have had their day and served a great purpose but as of January 2020 Microsoft will no longer support updates on the software, which in turn will cause greater cyber security threats to you and your data.

We all want our software to work well but no doubt you want the people making the software to continue to innovate and make our lives easier through their software. To do that means they must limit the support they can give for software that gets to a certain age. Both Windows 7 and Server 2008 are over 10 years old and more than 4 full release OS behind. Meaning support and security should be high on your reasons why to make the switch.

Every Microsoft product has a shelf life. The shelf life begins when a particular product is released to market and it ends when it’s no longer supported by Microsoft. Both Windows 7 and Server 2008 had a good run and did a fabulous job but come January 2020 Microsoft will no longer support these products not to mentioned increased risk of security vulnerabilities. While it’s technically okay to use these operating systems, you must be aware Technical support for any issues, software updates or security updates or fixes will no longer be available from January 2020.

Knowing key dates in this life-cycle helps you make informed decisions about when to update, upgrade or make other changes to your software. Just like food, when software reaches it’s used by date (end of life) you are risking digital health risks and safety.

If you are using one of these products, we recommend you get a plan in place to migrate before support ends.

Don’t lose faith in the system, it’s not all bad!
We wouldn’t just give you the hard chat and not provide a way forward. Say hello to windows 10 and Server 2019!

Windows 10 Benefits
– Support until 2025!
– Speed. This seems odd but on migration you’ll notice an immediate improvement in operating speed.
– Security. Windows 10 is night and day in terms of up to date security features over Windows 7, most notable is secure boot which requires Microsoft to approve auto loading programs on startup. Other mentions like Device Guard, Microsoft Passport and Windows Hello are great new additions in the security space to Windows 7.

Server 2019 Benefits
– Support. The end of life for Server 2019 is 2028.
– Security. 2019 has a stack of great security improvements to better protect your data.
– Hyper-converged Infrastructure (HCI). Easiest summed up by far greater performance, more scalability, and better reliability.
– Hybrid. Meaning you can connect your on premise environment to the cloud, accessing backups and site recovery.

How do i know if i’m running Windows 7 or Server 2008?
Great question! The best way is to contact us. Our skilled service desk can answer all the tricky things like software versions and our customer centric success managers will be able to put together a plan to help you migrate and continue to ensure your business is supported and secure.