5 Signs You’re Ready To Partner With An MSP

4 years ago | by Chris O'Brien

While MSPs are seen by some as a luxury, there are tell signs that they’re more of a necessity to your business, than something that would just ‘be nice’…

As businesses grow, so too does their need for a robust technology environment that has three main components:

  • Capacity & Flexibility: How would your technology serve you if you were to experience sudden change in demand. Having a technology environment that’s flexible gives you the ability to handle changes in your market, by easily adjusting how you operate to turn these changes into opportunities. Would your tech environment be able to handle sudden increases in demand, new users starting quickly, broader operational offerings – all without slowness or delay?
  • Security: Cybercrime and data safety should be at the top of every businesses list of priorities – particularly with the implementations of the Notifiable Data Breach Legislation and the GDPR; each taking data loss & systems infiltration to a new level with hefty fines and other damages to the businesses affected.
  • Redundancy: How would your business fair if you were to experience something that took you offline. Could you still operate? Do you have a disaster recovery plan to get back online? How long would it take? Are there alternative working means for when you’re offline? How would you contact clients? What would your staff do? How would you pay bills without revenue ticking over?

Partnering with a Managed Services Provider (MSP) takes care of all of this for you; it’s second nature to them – security, best fit solutions, redundancy – they’ll know what’s important and what will suit your business operations and facilitate your goals. Here are 5 signs that partnering with an MSP has transitioned from being simply a luxury, to a necessity:

  • IT is no longer (or never was) a priority.
    This is a two-part point. You might be in the boat where you’ve managed to get by with the IT you have, and managing it in-house; until now. Maybe you’ve experienced growth or a change in demand, and your IT resource can no longer handle the load. The good thing about this is you can keep a dedicated internal resource, as well as outsource to an MSP, and reap the benefits of having both. Instead of focusing on maintenance, your internal resource focus on internal efficiencies and helping your staff on the spot, not to mention any internal projects you might be considering. Having an MSP working along with your internal resource, will mean that the overarching tech strategy and proactive monitoring is taken off their plate. On the other hand, you might not have an internal resource – maybe you’ve been relying on a one-man-band. The problem with this is that as you grow, their team doesn’t, and generally the quality of support and work you’re delivered with begins to drop as they can’t handle the demand. Partnering with an MSP allows you to leverage their fully qualified, diverse team, allowing you to up your technology strategy, get efficient & proactive support and gain greater internal efficiencies.


  • Scalability has become a pain point.
    A major sign that you’re ready for an MSP is difficulty scaling your business the way you need. Tell signs here are the inability to introduce new services and resources into your business with ease, or your systems are beginning to lag and perform poorly. Not only is this draining on you and your staff, but your clients might be impacted by longer waiting times and potential downtime caused by insufficient systems. For a fixed monthly fee, MSPs strategise with you to ensure that your systems have the capacity to scale with intended growth and change in demand. They also ensure there’s processes in place to quickly on board new staff, change operational processes and even fail-over so you don’t suffer from the effects of downtime.


  • You desperately need to free up time.
    If you’re finding that wearing the hat of a manager AND a technician in your company is causing your priorities or performance to slip, it’s time to consider partnering with someone who can take this burden away from you. You need to focus on your business progressing and reaching your goals, instead of just keeping it operational. Not only do MSPs ensure your technology is safe and performing optimally to serve your staff and clients, they also align a technology roadmap with your goals. This has many benefits; firstly you’ll be able to rest easy knowing that your tech is being managed by a suitable source; secondly you have a clear outline of what your plan is (even down to the finer details like the roadmapped technical costs involved), and finally, the benefit of knowing that your goals are being supported and fascinated by a third party – helping you stay on track.


  • Forget 9 – 5, you need 24/7.
    While you and your staff are scheduled to work from 9-5, your technology is working around the clock, and you need a team to support that. MSPs provide comprehensive support that means your systems run optimally all the time. This is accomplished by using solid monitoring & security solutions that ensure your systems are available, backing up and safe from infiltration – 24/7. This kind of reliability and monitoring allows most issues to be resolved before they have any kind of effect on your business. By partnering with an MSP, you’re doing yourself and your business, staff and clients a huge favour!


  • Your business is lacking a competitive edge. 
    Partnering with MSP gives you access to a team that will help provide guidance and solutions that are sure to give your business a greater competitive edge. Think about what having access to a strategic technology plan to drive your business goals will do for you. And access to the latest, most efficient technologies – like custom cloud environments, business continuity, automation, the list goes on. With the ability to bring on a cost-effective partner, who will help you plan strategically, financially and optimally when talking tech, you’re sure to have the upper hand on your competition.

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